Where to dispose cushions and pillows?

Can I just throw the pillows and cushions into the garbage truck? I tried giving it to the recycling truck and they weren’t taking it. Throwing it in the garbage seems kind of wasteful.

Stuff it in garbage bags. Or if you have a lot, dump it in those places where people park furniture for pick-up and do it after hours with nobody around.

you can get fined for illegal dumping. if the person lives in a big city, especially taipei, I bet it would be easy to get caught with all the cameras as well as all the people looking to snitch.

Alternatively the garbage trucks have a phone number you can call for oversized loads and they will arrange a time and place to pickup. it is free fromtthe gov trucks, the private companies I assume charge but dont know. For reference :slight_smile: It is very convenient, and free (included with your annual fee if you even pay one).

Either way, pillows and cushions arent big enough unless you have a ton of them. dont need to put in bags, but certainly not recyclable here. just toss them in the truck, if they ask tell them the recycle truck said to.

Animal rescue organizations are always asking for pillows and cushions. Contact one of them.


That’s a fantastic suggestion!

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Or you can recycle them by throwing them into those green containers for second-hand clothes.

Those are clothes only. You can throw them in the rubbish trucks without a government-mandated bag