Where to donate used clothes / clothing / goodwill?

I have some used clothes, shoes, unwanted knick-knacks & junk that people are most unlikely to buy. Where can I dump these? I don’t want to just put it in the trash? Who takes this stuff?

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There are quite a few boxes around where you can deposit this stuff–they’re usually green or white and about 150cm tall, with a door that pulls out, kind of like a giant mailbox. this is not likely to be of help but there is one just off shipai road across from the mrt station, right next to the school.

Those clothes recycle things are also often in small parks. Check out your area.


I have the card for one second-hand shop that actually took my friend’s excess-life-stuff off her hands when she recently left Taiwan…and we’re talking a LOT of stuff mixed with a lot of garbage. I’ll try to dig out the card (because I’ll be calling them myself later this week… :blush: )

About the green boxes. We have one in our apartment complex. Maybe you have one too?

I dumped mine in the trashcan last year.
Nobody wanted it.No green boxes where I live.

Hey… been doing a spring clean, and we have found a big pile of clothes that just need to be tossed.

Does anybody know of any charities in the Kaohsiung area that would accept the donation? I am thinking mainly of something like the SPCA or something.

If someone can use them, all good, it seems a shame to just toss stuff that can be used by someone.

Please PM me any details…



if they are still wearable, i will assume that the clothes could be put in the big green drums that are there for that purpose. i don’t know if you guys have them down there, but in the north there are quite a few of them. any clothes that we don’t use for our animals go in there.

the drums aren’t usually in the main streets, but just off them. if you see something like this, it’s likely for recycling clothes.

There’s a big green box for that purpose next to the park beside my house, but I’ve gotten rid of some pretty good clothes (old suits and ties; new pants that didn’t fit right, etc) and didn’t feel right about tossing them in there. In the US I would’ve given them to Salvation Army and gotten a receipt for a tax deduction. Here, my wife also didn’t want to toss them in the green box, so she gave most of the stuff to her father and brothers and I’ve seen them wear some of it. Do you have any inlaws that might be interested?

I confess. I’ve put clothes in those boxes once I worked out they were for-actually I put stuff I didn’t want in the boxes before I worked out what they were for. I was told by a friend that some of the clothes are just recycled for profit rather than going to people that actually need them. Is this true?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter but I’d feel better if I knew.

Well… not that I’ve been looking for them, but I haven’t seen any of these green box thingies in Kaohsiung.

As for in-laws…well, in my case, that would involve international shipping. :smiley: (And they wouldn’t want my old stuff anyhow…)

Any other ideas? Keep 'em coming!

THe boxes could be brown… :slight_smile:

I’d imagine that the Tzu Chi Foundation would be a good place to inquire about charitable donations…

[quote=“Glamit”]THe boxes could be brown… :slight_smile:[/quote] I’ve seen grey and yellow ones too.


I’m leaving Taiwan in a month or so and I have a bunch of clothes I don’t want to take home. Does anyone know about a goodwill secondhand clothing store or something where I can drop off the clothes? I don’t want to sell them, just donate them.

Or for that matter, anywhere that takes clothes donations?


There’s a place on Bei Ping Road, where it meets LinSen. I think it might be #22 or #28. They raise money for the full time care of handicapped adults.

There are also a few bins around the place that charities run that are there for second-hand clothing.

And I think the place braxtonhicks is talking about is Creation Social Welfare Foundation, at 4F, 28 Beiping East Rd. They take care of the elderly, those in vegetative states, and the homeless.

I lost some weight after I got here, and have some clothes that no longer fit me (and I hope never will again) - about one large suitcase’s worth, men’s stuff L/XL, in pretty good condition. In the U.S. I’d just haul them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Anything like that in Taiwan? I could see there being nothing, as thrifty people could abuse it as a free place to get rid of anything they didn’t want.

I don’t want to box everything and mail it back to the 'States, but I don’t want to keep things around until a friend comes to visit me and can take them back, or wait until I go back for vacation myself. Nor do I want to surreptitiously throw one article in the trash every week, or sink the lot off the coast someplace.

What are my options?

In the smaller cities at least there are clothing bins in the street for that purpose. I’m told the clothes are resold for business reasons though. I have nothing genuine to go on there as I was told that by a cynical foreigner. I’ve used them when I wanted to get rid of my excess clothing before travelling.

They’re usually green or grey. There’s usually nothing written on them in English but the Chinese characters for clothing are usually painted on them. Sorry, I can read that much but can’t write it . Hopefully someone else can help you out here.

In Taipei City old clothes are collected twice a week (Monday and Friday in my case) by the garbage trucks. It’s usually the same truck that you hand paper and cardboard to. Your county might offer the same service.

Apart from that ,the charity bins that someone has already mentioned, are another option. There are quite a few around but you tend not to notice them unless you are looking out for them.

I never have the heart to throw perfectly good clothes away so putting them in a charity box or some sort of recyling bin is a conscience-free way of clearing the clutter from your wardrobe.