Where to find 30 pound Dumbells &/or a good gym in Jung Li?


I need to get some dumbells, preferably 30 lbs each. I’d also like to find a good gym in or near Jung Li, any suggestions?


I bought some a couple of weeks ago from a store on Nanjing East Rd, virtually opposite the Stadium, just down from Dunhua (in Taipei)

68nt per kilo if I remember properly for plate weights, and about 300nt for the bar.

They also have fixed weight dumb bells and sets.

I belong to Alexanders’ Gym / Spa and they have 2 locations in JhongLi. One is on the 9’th floor of SOGO dept. store with a swimming pool and the other is across from Hess ESL school above Starbucks. Their asking price is usually quite abit but if you speak chinese or have a chinese friend, check the message boards. People are always selling their memberships due to moving or lack of use. I snagged an 8 year membership for $NT35,000 because a lady was moving and there was no gym near her. I was able to split the membership into 2 - 4 year memberships for myself and my friend. The staff there are very friendly and they have lots of different machines and classes. Also, both have steam, sauna(heat room) and whirlpool in the shower area.
You can visit and they will let you try one visit free.