Where to find a 3000 W transformer?

Does anyone know where can we find a 3000 W transformer (from 220V to 110V)? I know it might be very expensive, but will still need to buy one. It is for our runner from Europe… Thanks in advance.

If you really find one, make sure that the 110V plug, where you connect it, supports this power. In older building it does probably not.

Did you try to run a connection to the aircon circuit? They are normally connected to 220V.

I don’t think the circuitry here will take it. 3000W RMS? I think we’re 110V here at 15 amps on the ring main. And that’s peak. I know the whole country’s not fused right, but you’d even have difficulty running that in the UK (220V ±10% @ 13 amps). You’d have to run it off the kitchen ring. Or something.

The biggest one I saw at Guang Hua was 2000VA peak with a slow fuse of 15A or thereabouts on the 110V side.

Couldn’t you get a spark to run you a 220V line from the consumer board/fuse box?

What’s a runner? Must be a hell of a thing if it needs that much juice.

You have to be careful about the 3000 W Transformer’s, they are more then meets the eye!

I remember a shop selling all kinds of tech spare parts on Xinzhu’s Guangfu Rd., close to the Qinghua Uni., a few shops up from the NOVA. They also sell transformers for commercial use in sizes I have not seen anywhere else, before and since. Whether they can cover 3000W I don’t remember, but maybe worth a try if you ever are in that area. The shop used to have a red-painted shop-front.

We usually connect our 220V devices to the three-pin plug of one of the aircons, but we never needed to pull that kind of power either … Good luck!

When you say runner, do you mean a treadmill??

Sorry for my English… yes, I actually mean treadmill.
We phoned the manufacturer but they cannot do anything about that, so the only solution is the transformer. We do have a aircon that is connected to 220V, but this aircon is located in the 4th floor in our bedroom and our treadmill is on the 5th… so not very practical.

Xpet, when you say “Xinzhu’s Guangfu Rd”, you mean not Taipei, but Hsinchu??? I cannot find any Qinghua University on the Taipei Map… need some help. Thanks

Yes, Xinzhu (pinyin) as in Hsinchu City, Guangfu Rd. is one of the main roads leading from the Science Park into the city, highway exit is “Science based Industrial Park”, I think it’s the second Hsinchu City exit after Zhubei (don’t take “Hsinchu Industrial Park” which is even more north). There must be a similar place in Taipei somewhere though … ???

Be careful if you use an extension cord to cover the distance between the two floors, most extension cables here can’t take high loads. But there are some that can, just be careful when you’re shopping for it … good luck, Xpet.