Where to find a company to tint my apartment windows?

Looking for a company which can stick some foil on the inside of my window (like people tint the windows of their cars)? Somewhere near Kuting if possible.

Don’t like my neighbours watching me pee …

If possible they should also be able to provide fly nets, you know those inserted into the window frame which you can move.

Can I suggest you don’t pee in the lounge ? Or get curtains ?

Who said I pee in my lounge? Do people do that where you come from?

It’s for the bathroom and curtains won’t fit in there.

But I also want to get the bedroom windows tinted so my neighbours (next building) can’t look into it during daytime. Yes, I do have drapes there for the night.

are you looking for something like this?


this company has prices listed here:

so it seems they do house stuff. you may want to do more searches or ask around for

Thanks Twinkie, that’s the kind of what I am looking for. Now just need to find a company which can supply and install it.
(Can’t see the Chinese name, my browser can’t display it …)

This is of utmost importance to me:

In case my neighbours get too excited … :wink: