Where to find a nice pet boarding place?

Hello all,

Can anybody recommend some nice and affordable pet boarding places in Beitou,Tianmu,Taipei…?
Does anyone have personal experience with it?

I’d appreciate any advice or tips!!

Thanks :discodance:

Well…depends on what type of pet you have!!

I have just found a wonderful place for my cat but it’s very expensive. 450 per night and will be 900 during Chinese New Year, which has already been booked. It has a web camera so I can check my dearest at anytime!! Expensive but the peace of mind I have is worth it…

The place also has somewhere for my dog, but that is almost NT$1000 per night and probably double at CNY, so he won’t be staying there!!

As to my own holiday arrangements…after the pets have been “seen to”, we’ll probably end up camping somewhere…!

I have a Chihuahua,

smaller than a cat :smiley: :smiley: