Where to find an Electronic English-Chinese Dictionary

I know that Electronic Chinese-english dictionaries are used by the Taiwanese and have an english-chinese feature. The problem being I can’t read the characters. Is there any electronic dictionary that might be more foreigner friendly?

I have a Besta CD-67. It’s 5 or 6 years old and they have updated models, but the basic features are the same. This one is very “English-friendly”. Its menus can be set to English. It has a Chinese-English, English-Chinese and a Chinese-Chinese dictionary. I think most electronic dictionaries have an English menu setting…just gotta find it :slight_smile:

That’s my former model, too. I think it was the most foreigner-friendly. Anybody tried the new one they’ve got out? It’s somewhere in the 90s for the model number – I’ve lost count.

I just bought the Acer s60 PDA and have found that the dictionary that’s built-in is nearly useless for a foreigner – impossible to get the pronunciation of any character, but of course the English pronunciations are all there!! I’m a bit disappointed but the resolution is so nice that I might hang onto it after all. The biggest drawback is that your only options for Chinese input seem to be zhuyin, cangjie or handwriting…no Pinyin option unless you get the Simplified Chinese flash ROM, which wipes out your Traditional characters…come ON, Acer, get with the parade!!

Does anyone know where I can get a Besta CD-67? Maybe used?