Where to Find Businesses for Sale in Taiwan

Sorry to piggyback this thread, but @jimbob132 and others, where’s the best place to search for local Taipei/Taiwan businesses for sale?

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Sorry. I split it off because this will give you better answers.

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You can get a company’s name or business tax ID that you’re interested in, search it up via google and there’s many sites including a government one that lists the owner, contact info, company history, any lawsuits etc and you can reach out to them if you are interested. All the company info is public.

For example I was curious about a water front restaurant in Tamsui and how they acquired land so looked them up and found out they had a 30 year lease from the government for the land. I also looked up the commuter ferry company and all their info is public like capital contributions, what other companies their owners own, etc.

I don’t know if there is some website like 591 for selling companies. Maybe market is not big enough for that.

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That’s good info JimBob , you know your way around finance and money for sure.
If you are looking for coinvestors on any project let me know (semi serious here ).

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Yup when a potential new clients wants to see my details I just give them company tax id number and link to government website.

You can look here

or here

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There’s a section on 591 that has businesses for sale

Of course in Taiwan there are usually two sets of books, but at least you can see some financial information on the company registration.

We’ve searched on Facebook for business listings and vetted about a dozen of them back when my wife was looking for a business to acquire. There were a decent number to search through at the time, but don’t know if that’s the best place to look.

Oh I didn’t notice that before. Thanks, will check it out!

All you see is the initial investment on the license. Mine is NT$100k

well u certainly shouldnt find one off of google or fb sponsored ads. join an industry association, find a list of these companies, go visit them in person. the older the companies seem, the less risk and higher chance of getting bought by these soon to be retirees.

I didnt mean Facebook ads. There’s Facebook groups for buying/selling local businesses in Taipei and that includes some pretty decent operations. We checked out about half a dozen in person. Got pretty serious with one particular store and after digging into their books we began negotiating…mostly timing and other details as the asking price was quite fair. Anyway, apparently after getting our offer, the ownership group reevaluated their business and realized they didn’t want to sell it anymore.

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Mind sharing the fb grp link?

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This is one group but my wife says there are many:

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