Where to Find Chinese Song Lyrics

Anyone who lives in Taiwan will invariably have to enter the world know as KTV. I find this one of the best places to learn Chinese. It’s informal, and just by watching the blue trail across the words you can improve your reading. Of course pretty soon you need to start showing that you can actually sing some of these songs. Especially since English song availability is weak at best.

At the risk of sounding like a KTV junkie :unamused: , although I’m not, I’m trying to search the net to download song lyrics so that I can practice and learn some songs.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Punch in the song title/name of the singer into a Google search (in Chinese). and voila!

Just tried pinyin for Wu Bai (my personal fave and found this brilliant site -it has pinyin, albeit naturally enough odd, for his Taiwanese songs!


I was quite surprised by the lyrics for “Air raid Warning”. Liked the song but thought it was a reference to the modern day air raid drills, lazy bastard that I am! Actually this is the one of the few references to the bombing of Taiwan during WWII I’ve seen.


Also did an English search for A-Mei and found this site with the lyrics in pinyin - only! Well, on an admittedly brief inspection.



In fact I’m so impressed by these lyrics that I’m going to damn well post them. So there!


Please note that the translation is not mine and I’ve made no attempt to edit it up.

空襲警報 - Kongxi Gingbao - Air Alert Alarm

kongxi gingbao!
Air strike alert!
wan a gong kong xi e xi za jiu yi ging dua lo shua ka
My grandpa had already fallen to the bottom of the hill when the air strike happened
wan a mai e tiao ho yi xiu ga cao hui ga
My grandma’s pig farm was burned to the ground
wan a ba xiong ban e tang qiang ki ho sao ga ji kang ji kia
The sugar plant where my dad worked was filled with holes everwhere
zui can e long ma tia ki de qiu wa ka
The farmers all ran to hide under the trees
gui dang gi no lai li jiu pan lo lan gua wa ho xi to ka
When the planes came, you went into the ditch or just hid on the floor
wan cu bin yu ran mi ki ho tan diu ka
One of my neighbours was too late and was shot in the foot
gui dang gi lai e xi sheng sheng giu xi yu gao dua xia
The noise of the planes was really loud
li hun hun bo ki ran xi yi ging jiu zai ya
You can tell from a great distance
啊 這款的代誌 啊 學校隴無提 啊 那當時那這呢神秘
a ji kuan e dai ji a hong hao long bo ti a na dang xi na jia ni shi mi
ah… these kinds of things ah… the school never mentioned ah… why was it so secretive?
tia gong xi mei hun be lai zha tai wan e ri ben bin wa
I heard it was the Americans who were bombing the Japanese soldiers in Taiwan
tia gong lan long zong ching diu ri ben e hun gua
I heard we were all singing Japan’s military songs
tia gong lan diu be gao chu tao di dao chan lo lai ba
I heard we had to surrender our scissors and screwdrivers
gong zan jing xi be ho lan lan yi ge go ga
It was said that war was to protect our own country
啊 這款的代誌 啊 學校隴無提 啊 那當時那這呢神秘
a ji kuan e dai ji a hong hao long bo ti a na dang xi na jia ni shi mi
ah… these kinds of things ahhh… school never mentioned them ahhh… why was it so secretive then?
sun sun yue yue sun yue yue
Sick at heart…oh, sick at heart
er zai xi e radio long tia hui diu
I could hear them on the radio when I was younger
dui li a liao gai na jia ne jiu
Why do I know so little about you?
li su e xiong hai ge yu ya m xi qing cai
Is the wound from history really that bad?
zu kai xi gua long dang zui wan a ba de gong e hui hai
I always thought that was my dad’s BS story
zu kai xi m zai lan gui ki yu ji me de ba sai
I never knew we had so many tears in our past
en chu xi lan xi xing hua de me m tang e se gai
Now we’re living in a different world
m zai ya gui dang gi ho xi hui ge lai
Who knows when the planes are coming next?
啊 這款的代誌 啊 學校隴無提 啊 未來嘛是非常神秘
a ji kuan e dai ji a hong hao long bo ti a mi lai ma xi hui xiong shi mi
ahh… these kinds of things ah… the school never mentioned ahhh… the future is very secretive too…