Where to find FDA approved medications?

WCIF USA FDA approved medications? I’ve noticed the quality here is not what I’m used to, and i’m sure there is somewhere that you can get FDA approved meds, right? And how would I go about getting them bc doctors don’t write scripts, they usually have their own pharmacies in their office and give them to you there.

You mean name brand medicines? Like from original patented medicine from Pfizer and stuff? Every single medication you get from the doctors here has been approved by the The US FDA for treatment, I’m sure there are some exceptions. But it might not be brand name or the newest version of the drug used by US doctors. In fact it’s what makes the drugs so cheap here and medicine affordable. You’re not buying the same drug that big Pharma just changed a little when their patent ran out so they can still get drug reps to get doctors to write you a script for something that really isn’t anymore effective than the previous drug used that has become generics.

But it’s not like doctors here are synthesizing their own drugs in the back lab that isn’t approved.

What exactly are you looking for? PM me and I can probably point you in the right direction.

You don’t need FDA apporVed you need WHO and cGMP approved.

The beat thing to look for is PICS , if they have that it means they are available for international sale, quality control is a lot stricter.

Thank you that;s been so helpful. I went through HELL when I moved here using their brand. It’s a number of meds (and NO not opiates as someone suggested).

That’s helpful. Thanks!

This is true…I understand that low cost, you have to give some (sometimes lower quallity). It’s a balancing act. I just thought I’d heard one time there was a doctor or a place that actually sold US FDA brand meds…there are certain ones that just don’t compare to the ones here, and it’s difficult when it’s heart meds and you can feel the difference. Scary actually.

You can most of the time ask the pharmacist to order it for you unless it’s a heavily regulated drugs like benzodiazepines. Or you can ask the doctor to write you a script for the brand name in most cases. The reason they don’t is most brand names are not covered by NHI, so they don’t bother to. You will just have to pay out of pocket however. And you might need to go to a couple different pharmacies. Sometimes you even have to build a relationship with the pharmacist for them to order something for you.

Cool cool. Could I be so bold as to ask you about your 5 story fall? Sounds painful.

It was. I shouldn’t be here. Eviscerated and broken from back down. Didn’t make it, but here I am, and walking a year later. No recollection, but don’t hang out on roofs during typhoon winds near the beach.

And yes, through the months in the hospital, aspirin was all I was given (except during surgeries), so yes , people CAN make it through pain without opiates.

If it’s the same drug, generics fall under the same scrutiny of brand name drugs for any human grade drug here. You should not feel a difference. It could be mental or are you talking about they give you a different drug for treatment instead of what you usually take? When I mean different for example, pfizer still sells the brand name for viagra, but any generic of the same drug since their patent ran out, other companies can make viagra but they just can’t call it viagra. It’s just sold as generic tadalafil. There should be zero difference. But some people still prefer the brand name original.

They actually didn’t have the med I was looking for (I’ll have to look at the old bottle but started with a P), but they gave me something “similar” and it really took a toll on me. I’m now used to it, but it’s still not as effective as the other was.

FDA or not, painkillers are highly restricted here. Literally, you get acetaminophen after an operation. There are threads on this matter.

I also take several heart medications, all NHI paid, given by a cardiologist at a local hospital. They are European, one Swiss, one Spanish. I take a local generic for my allergies.

If you have a good relationship with your doctor, you can ask for a prescription of a certain medication. You can also try one of those international medical programs, like Priority Care at Adventist, off NHI.

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yes, switching long term meds can always be tricky. Some of the meds here the doctors give out are old generics. Thats why they still give out like 10 huge ass horse pills you eat 3 times a day. Do they work, yes. But newer drugs have came out where you could probably take 1-2 pills a day. It’s just that some of the newer brand names are not even proven to be more effective or at least significantly more effective in most cases for them to cover it with NHI.

But usually, it’s possible to pay out of pocket if you ask a pharmacy.

You are SO right about that!!! PAIIN CONTROL truly lacks here, but you also don’t have a culture of pain pill heads, either.

More or less. I know of a few people hooked on prescription sleeping pills.

They pretty much only give you opiates if you are literally dying. Mom had a double mastectomy from cancer. Gave her acetaminophen the next day after the surgery to go home with. Holy fuck, i don’t know how she got through that pain. I had to give her stuff i brought from thailand to help.It was ridiculous. I get pretty bad knee pains after tearing my knee and injuring my ankles so sometimes i need it to do my job.

I’m sorry…I know that’s not funny, but don’t they just sleep all the time? It’s not good to be hooked on anything. And one thing about Taiwan is they are very free about prescribing sleep meds, benzos, and the like.

I can understand. I had a broken back, femur that broke through my skin, crushed knee, crushed foot, eviscerated 15 inches with innards outside, and laid for 12 days in an erector set unable to move until I was stabilized to have some repair surgery (10 to be exact). I don’t KNOW HOW I made it through the pain.

That is because people are stressed and overworked, so they really can’t sleep without pills. But they end up needing more and more pills.

So regarding your heart medications, buy your own - not off the Internet - or go to PCC or Taida.

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