Where to find FSA headset bearings?

I have this 2014 TCR, and the bearings of the headset are NG already. Want to replace them but at the Giant shop they only had the whole thing including the cover. Price was 800 NT while the new version (OD2 ?) is about half. When I asked about the price difference, I was told that it’s because it’s aero xD

Where can I get just the bearings?


I believe OD2 is the Giant models for stems and similar items. I only found the headset cap. This might explain why it’s half since it’s only the cap, not the entire set.

Thanks for the links.

The first one is the whole set, and I could use it, but I’m more interested in just the bearings (although it seems to say that, it’s not just the cap but the whole set).

The third link is the newer version, OD 2, mine should be OD, and the dimensions are different. The companies, always thinking on how to make costumers happier, tend to change standards and sizes and everything every few years. Please don’t think bad, it’s nothing to do with selling more or charging more…

The second link doesn’t work :frowning:

Ruten search “FSA 頭碗”

I’m not well versed in the head set parts, but a quick Google search tells me you’re looking for the below that are labeled “bearings in cage”? Or are we talking about this entire set?

I think these are what I need:


That headset is a bit different from what my TCR mounts. However, may be the bearings could be the same.

EDIT: oops, it’s only ONE bearing, not two.

Have you tried asking Stripe? Small things like this, I feel like they should have it sitting around.

What about this?

May be I should. But I start to think that I will only be able to find full sets instead of bearings, no matter where I go. It’s the way shops (and companies) have for making money: we don’t repair tiny things, we sell you a whole new… bike (if possible).

EDIT: that link could be what I’m looking for, but I’m not 100% sure…

I’d just get loose ball bearings and pack it without the retainer.

the balls roll smoothly, it’s more that the metal has some not-so-scary-looking-yet-not-perfect-looking stains. Sweat, water, dirt, etc… . The unit also made some noises before being lubed and adjusted for a second time in 3 weeks, but I prefer to “sanitize” that part of the bike before it’s too late.

Can’t help you if you’re not even sure what you’re looking for.

When’s the last time…or have you ever got a maintaince on your bike? Like whole nine yards maintenance, not just a clean and wax?

I know what I want, but I don’t know Chinese, and I’m not sure if I want to have to assemble something that should actually be really well sealed.

I hardly wash the bike, leave alone any waxing. That’s for ladies’ legs, and for wankers :smiley:

I just assumed by the title and your posts that you needed new bearings. If that’s the case, I would suggest just using loose bearings without the retainer.

This thing (x2):

There’s probably more stores with people who understand some English opposed to those that don’t understand ANY English. Also, how does the above not coincide with…

Help us help you.

FYI, I know you are a stickler for mechanics or trusting anyone with anything, but there’s a foreigner mechanic over at Bikefun in Neihu. Some of the Latin speaking guys all go there. Worth a visit if you are free after work.

They also like going to MAPEI Cycling, which is also a Giant store over on Ren Ai close to the Guang Fu intersection.

Ok, that makes sense. You need cartridge bearings. I was going off the pic Ranlee posted and thought you had bearings in a retainer.

All my resources are in the States, but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find those somewhere online.

As long as the bearings are OK (meaning maybe dirty, but the surfaces OK, no pitting or hard spots), then these sealed bearings can be simply serviced.

Just carefully pry out the plastic dust-caps on each side of the bearing (watch which way is up and down of each).
I normally use a thick needle for it, just be careful you dont rip them.

After you removed those, wash the bearings free of any grease (I use a spray bottle of WD40), let them dry, then re-grease them from both sides till they are full.
Re-install the dust-caps, clean them up and they are good to go for many more years.

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Apologies for bringing up another cold case. I try to limit myself to one case at a time.

Headset bearing, a.k.a Angular Contact Bearing(ACB), are 9 out of 10 made by TH industries (FSA).
Each ACB bearing has engraving on its side, usually coded as TH -xxx or MRxxx, if luckily it’s still legible from corrosion. This code is the KEY to find replacement. It tells the property of the bearing: angle, diameter, etc.
Use that KEY to buy/inquire replacement. Sometimes different ACB shares the same property. So using the deciphered information to search replacement is a further alternative.
Alternatively, a bicycle bearing specialist in Australia, DIY MTB is another secret tool of the trade. They stock a good range including some awkward TREK and Specialized sizes.

Headset bearing is a worldwide headache in cycling. It never gets fully standardized. A so-called 1 1/8" ACB has more than 10 varieties and not cross-compatible, not to mention those modern oversized ones. It is why most shops rather sell a full set to avoid future drama.

In Taipei there was one mechanic-based Vanden Cycling who specialized in bearings but he now moved on to coaching business and moved to Hualien.