Where to find or how to make Chinese Mustard?

I live in the Pingtung/ Kaohsiung area. Where can a buy “chinese mustard”. I can get mustard powder if you can tell me how to mix it.

I’d also like to find those crispy chinese noodles you usually get while waiting for your meal in the states.

Here’s one recipe. There are many many more. Ever heard of a thing called Google? :wink:

Who needs Google when Sandman is so helpful!

Making it aside if you get a craving for the mustard head to one of those “yamde” / “xianggang yincha” / “xianggang dianxin” joints. They’ll give you as much as you can slop onto your dumplings!

he he, this is a joke right? think you’ll be needing to head back to the states for those TS.

If you like those, head to a real hongkong style “chashaofan” place, the crispy fried noodles some of them have might be your cup of tea.