Where to find Scheleich / other animal figure toys in taiwan?

I’m a collector of animal figures and would like to know if taiwan has shops that carry realistic animal figures like these?

Some of the manufacturers are Preiser and Schleich. Has anyone seen them around before?

I think so. There’s a chain of stores that sells dinosaur fossils and other science-related items and toys. There’s one in the City Hall Eslite on the kid’s floor. I think I’ve seen similar items there.

Online turns up some options (searching on brand name and site:.tw will give more):


Yes, I’ve seen these several places. Slightly pricy but nice quality. I can’t recall exactly where I’ve seen them but the Paleo Wonders 石尚 shops at the malls, zoo (upstairs in Panda house) and Science Education Museum (closed for renovation right now, but it definitely has a few) as well as Tailung Hands and big toy stores are likely your best bets for stuff like this. Here’s a list of the PW stores:

Funbox toys 4f Miramar has a few Schleich. So does the gift shop at the dino skeleton exhibit at the Land Bank museum。