Where to find schools in Taipei?

I am currently in a hostel in Taipei. I’ve been here for a few days. I came here to get a teaching job. I have plenty of copies of my resume and nice, formal clothes to wear. I want to go out and start job searching right away, but I need to know where the schools are. Can anyone please suggest to me areas of Taipei with a high concentration of buxibans or other English schools? Is Da’an an area with a lot of schools?

I already have 2 years of teaching experience in South Korea, so I figure that should give me a leg up on interviews, etc. I’d also rather avoid chain schools if I can help it as that was the whole reason for flying over here to job search in the first place, rather than simply securing a job with a chain online.

Can someone please explain just what is the typical way of going about obtaining a teaching position in Taipei once you’ve landed here. I thought I could just dress formally, go to the schools and hand out my resume, but I can’t do that until I find the schools.

The 685 bus route from shilin mrt up to takashimaya on zhongcheng rd has a bunch of bushibans along the way.