Where to find Shao Mai (mainland style) in Taipei

I love mainland style shao mai, and despise the Hong Kong style shu mai. Anyone know any places in Taipei where I can find it?

Below is a link to a pic in case I am labeling these things incorrectly.

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Sticky rice, pork and mushrooms? Changsha style? Closest I’ve had in Taipei to that taste is zhong zi and also sticky rice steamed in bamboo shoots. If you keep your eye on breakfast shops surely there are some with sticky rice dumplings too.

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No mushrooms, if possible. I don’t think I’ve ever had them with mushrooms. Of course, I’m willing to try, but it would mess with the consistency a bit.

And, yes, the zhong zi have a very similar flavor, but usually are much wetter and messier.

This place has them, and I recon other shanghai / zhejiang style places probably have too.


bound to be breakfast places doing them too.

Do you have another link to this place? I can’t get this to work.

No. 16, Changchun Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104

I just got it by googling, I think its run by a former Din Tai Fung guy.

If you find a place that does good ones let me know cause Id like to try them too.

So those weren’t bad, but they weren’t real shao mai. The outside was too thick and bready, and they were quite small. Still looking.

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