Where to find soap making and bath balm making supplies

There is a great new store in Neihu, in Da an department store on Cheng Gong and Jing Long rd. The store is on the 5th floor in the kids department. It is cheap too. So, if you like making oil soaps or bath balms or your own cosmetics…you can go crazy. They have 10 % off right now as well. Have fun.

De An Dept. Store. “De” is used for Germany (De Guo) & Texas (De Jiou). Not Da’an like the park.

Tons of buses go by there: 620, 630, Red2, 21, Brown9, & 247 to name a few.

My wife’s co-worker has recently been giving us her hand-made soap. I assume she’s taking a class somewhere.

First rule of Fight Club…