Where to find statistical data about Mainland China

I have to collect statistical Data about the PRC, particular about tourism for a market study. Searching some online-bookstores, I find outrageous prices for some official PRC statistic-books.

Does anybody know about a ‘Caves’-Style’ bookshop in Shanghai which might sell these kind of books or does the original Caves’ in Taipei sell such material? (I am living in Germany now, but I will visit my former exile Taipei in April, as well as Shanghai)

Thanks for the info!

Don’t know about any bookstores in Shanghai, but the CIA world fact book has some useful statistics.


Also, try the US chamber of commerce in Shanghai. amcham-shanghai.org/

They might have useful reports…

And here’s this “Markrt [sic] Research” site from the China National Tourism Administration.


Something to look through until you can find a good book.
Good luck!