Where to get a Money Order in CAD or USD for RCMP check?

I’ve gotten my prints done for the criminal background check in Canada but now I’m having trouble finding a place where I can get a money order. According to the RCMP’s website they’ll accept money orders or cheques in Canadian or US dollar equivalent for the 25$ fee.

I started at the post office (with Taiwanese husband in tow) because that’s where I’ve known to get money orders (in Canada in the past). They sent us on a wild goose chase until we ended up at the main branch near Taipei Main and were then told us they don’t do money orders we’d have to get one from a bank.

So we’ve been to 3 or 4 banks and all of them try to give us a different messed up version of something that doesn’t seem like a money order at all. We’ve been told they could give us a money order (only in US dollars) but that it would take over a month for the receiver to be able to get access to the money??? Not only that the fee for the “money order” was going to be 900NT… nice… the “money order” is more expensive than the value of the “money order”?

Maybe my own understanding of money orders is wrong but my understanding was that that piece of paper is pretty much cash and once it’s bought and paid for it doesn’t involve a lot of fancy jumping through hoops and waiting for money to be released or verified…it doesn’t involve bank accounts or any kind of account numbers. I thought they were originally created to be a safe way to send money through the mail, a different version of a cheque.

I’m tearing out my hair here. Someone pleaaaaaaassssseeeee help.

Try asking at foreign banks for a ‘cashier’s check’ or ‘bank draft’? Or ask a relative back home to write a personal check or get you a money order, then reimburse them.

One of the things they tried to give us was a bank draft and that was one of the things they said would take a month before the receiver could have access to the money.

The money order needs to be together with the application package which means that if I did get a family member to buy a money order for me I’d either have to get them to send me the money order here or send the package to them… which of course because I want everything done as fast as possible means I’ll have to pay to have things couriered twice (the package NEEDS to be sent to the RCMP office in Ottawa and I don’t have family members who live close to Ottawa)… so that doesn’t seem like a solution… and I think it might make things complicated since if the package is coming from within Canada I should just be going to an RCMP office to get my electronic prints done, not sending paper prints… I don’t think they’ll like having the prints arrive from a 3rd party in country instead of overseas like all the paperwork states… it might put gum in the works.

Hi there,

Go back to your bank and tell the staff, you are asking for money order in USD/CAD25.
Money order in Chinese means 匯票. So tell them “我要買25塊美金的匯票”,they should know what to do.
Alternatively, tell your husband to go to the nearest post office(try the bigger one) and ask the staff for “International Postal Money Order” which is 國際郵政匯票 in Chinese.
Hope it’s of help.


I checked with my husband and that’s exactly what we were asking for. We got refered to the head post office at Taipei Main. They said they don’t have them. Actually what they said is they only have them for certain countries (none of which were north american… I was shocked no USA even). They told us to go to the banks.

We tried the banks and were told what I mentioned above… either it would take a month for the money to be released and/or it was a 900NT fine and/or they don’t deal with USD or CAD.