Where to get away in S. Taiwan on a rainy crappy wkend?

Hey all, sorry if this is well covered territory. I did a search and came up empty.
Any advice on a cozy/scenic place with the option of indoors hot springs/spas, etc.?
My girlfriend and I are looking to travel somewhere this weekend, but the forecast is pretty grim. We’re in a small town just outside Tainan. She had picked out the hot springs in Maolin, which looks great, but I’m doubting that there’s anything worth enjoying indoors if we get stuck in a huge storm. Looking to avoid a wknd out dining and dancing till morning, as we just did the big city stuff last weekend.
oh last but not least, i have a lousy early morning shift, ending at 12 Sat, so it can’t be more than a few hours away by train/bus/etc. or it isn’t worth the distance.

Any advice from people who found a great romantic getaway during a storm, or are planning one this weekend, would be greatly appreciated!

If it’s raining in Tainan, it’s almost certainly raining even harder in mountain areas like Maolin, which makes transport difficult and possibly dangerous.

You might want to try some indoor attractions like the Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, or the museums in Taichung.

Kuanzling, where the mud hot springs are can be a very sweet little area when it’s not too crowded. Several very attractive hotels with excellent facilities. Some nice light hiking and the amazing spring with natural as flames burning on it.

BTW, the hotsprings in Maoling are outdoors and natural.