Where to get good condoms?

I searched “condoms” here and found talk about STDs and pregnancy and such but not the answer to my question.

I’m running low on my stockpile from home and I’ve heard some bad things about the Taiwanese condoms maybe breaking. Some of my pals from back home say Japanese condoms are really good quality and often have a good feel…

Where can I buy good quality condoms?

Are the Durex rubbers out at the 7-11’s exactly the same as the one’s back home?

And I’ve heard that sometimes there’s not a good selection of different sized condoms and it can be hard to find one that’s comfortable.

My favourite condom has always been Torjen Ultra (it’s a polypropylene condom so girls can never say, “but I’m allergic to latex” as a ploy to get me to not use on and maybe get knocked up… and I never get to help a girl discover she has a latex allergy either – and they just feel good). I also like some of the polypro female condoms (good feel there, good heat transfer).

Anyhow, what can people reccomend for a guy who wants some damned high quality condoms (hey, I don’t want someone preggo on my account!)


They try that one a lot on you?

I’ve been using Durex most of my time here, since most other stuff is a bit tight. Not bragging here… but if you want something a bit more comfortable on your probably western sized pecker, try Durex Comfort, available at any Cosmed I tried so far.

As for the quality? Hmm… at least no apparent faults like breaking, ripping, etc. No idea about the quality comparing to “at home”, wherever this is for you :wink: At least they look (and smell, ugh) the same as back in my home, Germany…


The Japanese ultra thin ones feel completely like you havent got anything on. And thats because they have long since completely broken apart :noway: and all you really have on is a rubber ring. BEWARE

And whats worse you will have to fish all the broken parts out too. Been there done that.

The best place to buy quality condoms is off of the Internet.

I usually use female condoms. They’re not as tight.

Female condoms: Yes, I love those. They are great IMHO. Can you get good quality ones in Taiwan?

I also really really like the polypropelene Condoms. I only have two of them left that I brought from home and a Canadian friend gave me a box of standard Trojens. Big difference in terms of heat transfer and texture feel, if not friction. It would be great to have my preferred brand and type.

Follow Up to Original Post: I went to a local sex shop and the girl kept steering me away from most of the condoms there, including the Durex. I said, “Durex good!” She said, “okay” and then she went and got a small dildo and a large dildo and indicated that every condom in the store was for the small dildo but the one brand from malaysia that was bigger would fit the larger one. I said, “oh hao hao hao.”

I don’t want to use off-brand rubbers from Malaysia. I really do care about protection and contraception. I am starting to wonder if the stories I’ve heard about condom breakages largely revolve around innappropriately sized condoms?

So I’m looking at ordering what I want off Amazon.com and just having them shipped to me.

But if I end up paying $20 US per box of condoms or something absurd like that then what? Maybe I’ll switch to lots more oral sex or something. Quite seriously, I’m a little put off b this particular inconvenience. Also, I’m hearing the Western girls I know say either they can’t get birth control or they cannot get their brand… So even in LTRs that might not be an option.

What’s a heterosexual to do? For the first time in my life I really appreciate the efforts of all the people who strove throughout the years to make contraception so easily and readily available back home in the U.S… so easily and readily available that I could comfortably take it for granted all this time.

I’m also going to check the bigger sex shops and I haven’t scoured the Watson’s yet either.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

do you mean the chocolate flavoured ones or the mint flavoured ones?

Mail order. Google for America’s condom superstore, or go here:

They even have glow in the dark ones.

Really, try one of the many Cosmed stores here. “Durex Comfort” seems to be what you look for: trusted brand name + larger size.

You’re supposed to put 'em on your dick. You know?

You can get used ones really cheap I bet.

Yeah. Even celebrity ones – I, for example, found one down the back of the headboard just a week or two ago. Probably hasn’t been used since 1995 or so. Run it under the tap for a minute and it’ll be good as new.
I could let you have it for NT$50. Imagine the cachet! You’ll have the ladies lining up around the block for a go with an ex-sandman flunkey.

Hmm. Don’t listen to sanddaddy about these matters.

I’m writing up a business plan for this. I figure if the Japanese can get away with selling soiled panties over the net then I can do used condoms. But not just local celebrities like Sandman. I am aiming higher. Get spent condoms from your favorite TV and Hollywood stars: big names like Keanu Reeves, Leanardo DeCaprio, and Dan Rather. Each one comes framed, autographed, and sanitized for your protection.

I have a used Bob Saget original. Ribbed for your comfort. Sorry, the lubrication’s non-original, hence my low, low asking price.

I’ll have to set up a ‘swap shop’ section on the webpage. Kind of a ‘I’ll trade two Jim Carreys for a Jack Nicholson’ thing. Enter at your own risk.

Two Jim Carrey’s? For a Nicholson? I think NOT! You’d need to sweeten that deal with at least a William Shatner multi-use. And it would have to be from his Kirk days, not that stupid Emergency Services show he presented – those things are 10-a-penny.

Quite right. It’s supply and demand. If someone ever gets ahold of a Brad Pitt, they could retire.