Where to get good tea in Taipei

I know that Taiwan is just full of places that sell tea. But I am not talking about the typical place that warms up some premade tea or sells bubble tea. Where are the places where you can sit down in a nice environment and order a pot of some nice oolong or green tea? I really have not come across any such places yet.


Do you mean in the city? Otherwise there is Maokong, with dozens of places in the mountains that you can take the gondola to from the Zoo MRT station.

yeah I was thinking about for when I am around in Taipei or NTC… But thanks for the advice for another day when I have more time…


In the city there is Huiliu across from Yongkang Park.

There is Water Moon near Technology MRT station.

Cha for Tea outlets are also good. Near train station on Hengyang and also Fuxing north of Nanjing East Rd MRT.

Cha Cha The is more of an upscale environment but very nice inside. The back wall is made of compressed tea leaves.

If you want hands down, great wonderful fragrant tea, then hang out with the farming folks. People who deals in agriculture(suppliers, ag extensions, farmers) get the best stuff.

Oh yeah, really great teahouse on Dihua Jie on second floor of old mansion.

No. 67, Sec. 1, Dihua St

I think you enter via a ceramic shop. At the back is Le Zinc, a nice wine bar cafe.

Also try Red House in Ximending. Nice first floor teahouse.

Mayors Residence on Hangzhou. I think they also serve tea.

NTC=New Taipei City…

Mucha Man… Thank a lot for your suggestions. I will look into those spots!