Where to get iPhone screen replaced?

Dear techies,

Does anyone know where I can get a broken iPhone screen replaced at a reasonable price? I just got a second-hand 3G, which I already love, and it just needs a new screen because the current one has a large crack.

Any suggestions?


I saw a shop on the east side of Fuxing South Road, just north of the Xinyi/Fuxing intersection that specializes in iPhone repairs. It’s a pretty small place, and it’s inside the building, so you pretty much have to be on foot to see it.

Coolio! I’ll go check that out tomorrow.

I’m not sure how much it will be there, but I think my friend payed around 3000 to get his replaced.

Seems reasonable depending on what they are charging for the screen. FWIW this isn’t too bad of a DIY on the 3G if you feel like doing it yourself. I took one apart and replaced the SIM card holder once for someone (unsoldered and soldered another one on). It took about half an hour and was all fairly standard tools. Part of that procedure involved removing the screen, and replacing ot at reassembly. The step by step is at ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Inst … bly/1554/1

Hi, I fell yesterday and have a cracked iPhone screen now, is this place mentioned above still there, or are there any other suggestions?

Shida NIght Market also has a place where you can fix it. But I’m not sure which shop. It’s probably cheaper than Fuxing sth rd.

Thank you, I actually live really close to Shi-Da N. Market. I’ll check it out once my leg is good enough to walk, I fell pretty bad.

The battery in my iPhone 3Gs is knackered and I need it replaced. Any recommendations where? Are either of the places listed above still operating? Ideally would prefer somewhere around Guanghua, Fuxing SOGO or Breeze Center.

This isn’t near SOGO, but it’s just a couple MRT stops down.

I’ve had my phone fixed here twice. They are fantastic. All major brands of smartphones and tabs are repaired here.

a cracked screen on an iPhone will probably cost you $3000NT.

google maps:

Taipei, Taiwan 110




Thanks mate, I’ll check them out!

[quote=“Maceck”]This isn’t near SOGO, but it’s just a couple MRT stops down.

Taipei, Taiwan 110


I can recommend this place as well. We had a drowned phone ‘revived’ and a new battery put in there.

I ended up finding a place called Mr. Apple on the way to work this morning, just near Civic/Fuxing. Cost NT1000 and took about 10 minutes to replace the battery. Pretty impressed.

just got my wife’s ip4 cracked screen replaced at http://www.free4apple.com

Ntd 2800 and it took @ 30 minutes…it is a basement shop…saw loads of cracked screens and dead batteries all over the guy’s workstation.

Check out this kid

[url] lifehacker.com/5547082/see-a-10+ … een-for-22 /[url]