Where to get one of those old school company logos?

Does anyone know where you can get one of those old school company logos on red paper and using traditional Chinese typography? You know those ones long thin red logos companies typically hang outside their office door.

dude use midjourney or dall e copy and paste the exact same wording and ask a local print shop to print out

What, these?



Yeah sorta like those. Are they for companies? I don’t know if red has a bad meaning. It’s supposed to be 紅 or red / make money I think?

They’re not logos, they’re “spring couplets” or “chun lian”. They have various auspicious phrases on them. I think you can get some at any stationary store.


Yup…these are 春聯’s. You will find them in abundance a mth or so before CNY in any traditional/night markets or as tempogain suggested, you can try stationery stores.