Where to get PCR tests in Taiwan (flying to US soon)

We can see just how greedy these businesses can be if permitted to do so. Their profit margins are still in the 1000% range, we don’t need to grieve for them.

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Mackay hospital omits critical information in their English application, saying it’s 8000 NTD only. And no mention of a cheaper slower turn around test.

In their Chinese version they describe their discriminatory policy clearly…,5800 for regular testing , 7000, and 8000 for the fastest turnaround for citizens and foreigners respectively .

A hospital founded by a Christian missionary !!! :rage::rage::rage:

It’s all here.


Some would call the prices extortionate , and with the English application form they are not playing fair.


Wonder where this non-country of RoC gets such arrogance. I mean why are countries putting up with it? Taiwan cannot even make vaccines as yet and is too cheap to pay for enough of them. If other countries say we’ll impose reciprocal restrictions, you can bet the airline industry will pay off people to reverse this stupid policy.

Is there a current list of PCR test providers? I need a test for a US flight on Thursday. The links above seem all non-working.

I got a PCR test done this morning. NT$4,500 at Adventist. Still way overpriced, but significantly cheaper than the NT$7,000 I’ve seen elsewhere.

It was the brain-tickling swab. But it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I had feared.

Got the report at 5:00 p.m. Negative! Now I’m prepared for my flight to the US!

If you need to fly somewhere and need this test, I recommend booking at least two weeks in advance.


Just for reference a PCR test is not needed for travel to the US. I used a rapid antigen test from Adventist for $1200 without issue.

It is required to board certain airlines and transit through certain airports, though. I will report on my experiences, including which documents they check for, in the Travel Restrictions thread or whatever threat is most appropriate.

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Can you get tested at the TPE airport and get the result the same day prior to your flight if you don’t have time?

I know they have PCR testing sites at the TPE but for some reason is only for incoming people. Seems they should open it up to any one who needs to get tested for travel too.

Where around TPE can someone get the fastest PCR test done with report issued quickly for travel purposes? Anyone know?

They do have tests at the airport for departing passengers, but you have to reserve in advance and they’re often booked up.

You can get a same-day PCR test (test in morning, results in evening) at the Taiwan Adventist Hospital in Taipei for NT$4,500 (cheaper than most). But you have to book in advance. I would recommend at least 2 weeks in advance.

Yes, the testing situation in Taiwan is not being handled well.

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Do you know what their website or email is for reserving? Any idea how fast the turn around time is on the results they get? Is it while you wait or several hours for the results?