Where to get US cash in Taichung

Hi! I’m going to Cambodia in a few weeks, and US Cash is the preferred form of currency. Is there a bank in Taichung where I can get US cash? If not, is there one in Taipei? Or is the airport exchange the easiest option?


Karen :slight_smile:

Most of the big banks like Taiwan Bank, First Commercial should be able to give you US dollars right away. Even if they’re out for some reason they can get some for you in a day or two.

Just pop in and ask would be simplest. Get someone to write you a note if you don’t speak Chinese (just remember to take off your helmet beforehand!).

I always grab my foreign coin at the airport. There’s always a booth open.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]I always grab my foreign coin at the airport. There’s always a booth open.

Yes, the banks in the airport have good rates, but they may not be open early enough for you if you’re taking an early morning flight. I used to take a lot of early morning flights to see my wife in Hong Kong. The banks usually weren’t open early enough for me to exchange currency.

Is that still the case? I think I got caught out once . . . and my was I miserable, spent 12 hours in transit in Saigon with NT$400 in my pocket till I overhead a Taiwanese voice and exchanged for a thanful US$10. But that was years ago. I’ve checked in since at around 7am and they’ve always had at least one and more often two booths open.

I agree, the rates are competitive. Quite unusual for an airport.


In case noone has told you, get lots of $1, $2 and $5 notes. Some places won’t even have change for $10. 5 years ago in Cambodia, I didn’t once exchange for Cambodian money, I just used my $US and got the Cambodian stuff (Rial?) back in change. Very convenient.


You can get cash advances in US$ on your VISA card at exchange booths dotted around Phnom Penh. Signs are in English. Note that not all banks in Taiwan are authorised to deal in foreign currency. They may display exchange rates in banks but not necessarily exchange cash. IBC has a foreign exchange permit. back to Cambodia: rates on travellers’ cheques are not great and take LOTS of US$1.00 for small purchases. Change will be given in Rials. If you change notes, you get a better rate for larger (US$ 50/100) denominations but DON’T try to buy a beer or a packet of ciggies with a US$100 note! Cambodians don’t generally have their total annual income at hand to give out in change.

For sure in a branch of the Taiwan Bank, and they give you the best rate available on cash.

actually the exchange rate is lower if you ask for travel check :slight_smile: