Where to get Woolite laundry detergent?

Seems costco doesn’t sell Woolite anymore : (

Anyone seen Woolite laundry detergent elsewhere?

you might try a different costco.
also willie’s dellie or wellmans in tianmu might sell it. i’ve seen them selling some detergents but i can’t remember what brands

I haven’t seen it for several months.
My wife tells that she uses shapoo in cool water and lays the item flat on the back of our sofa to dry (I wondered why that stuff was always drying on the sofa!
I did a quick search and found that others use shampoo as a substitute.
ehow.com/way_5743523_use-del … lite_.html

I have seen it at the Tienmu Wellcome and Matsusei, and at the Mingde Wellcome.