Where to get 國語日報?


I wonder where I can get the 國語日報? I checked at 7-11: nothing. Bookstores: nothing.

Are there some other newspaper shops where I can buy them? I would really like to read it, but I have no idea where to get it.


You should just look for them online:

tw.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%E5 … p-ss&rd=r1

Well, I did that, but I still don’t know where I can actually buy the newspaper.
Maybe my Chinese is too bad, but do they have something on the website where I can buy the newspaper?

I can’t play around with the input settings on a work computer, so I can’t do a full search for you. I just did a quickie to illustrate how you could locate what you want. Play around with your search terms a bit. Put in “buy” or “order” before “Mandarin Daily” and you’ll likely get to an order page.

Ok, all right, thanks.

I thought that I could just buy it at store (because I only know convenience stores and bookstores), but I didn’t know that I have to order it online.

Finding Guoyu Ribao is hit or miss in convenience stores.

If you subscribe (tel. 2341-0680, e-mail: order@mail.mdnkids.com), they’ll give you a gift (e.g., a dictionary, subscription to the Taiwan edition of Readers Digest, or software).

you can buy 國語日報 at these 7-11.

Ah, nice, exactly what I was looking for.

I think I’ll go to number 946779 at 台北市大安區羅斯福路三段267號.


You can also find it at public libraries. You can borrow back issues.

I’m late posting in this topic, but I thought I’d offer my experience.

You can easily subscribe from the phone numbers and website provided by other posters, but I’d recommend NOT doing so. Assuming you are of a level at which you need the zhuyin it will be difficult for you to finish reading the entire newspaper every day and I found the things just piled up on my desk at work. Making matters worse is that 國語日報 is a child’s newspaper and focuses on topics of interest to the average first or second grader. It’s not a lot of fun at all.

My recommendation would be to subscribe to 小作家 which is a monthly magazine with articles aimed at kids who are somewhat older. You’ll find new vocabulary and phrases in it, some of the articles are quite interesting (of the geography and exploration type), and since it’s a decent magazine and not a newspaper you can keep it on a shelf until you have time to read it.

If I recall correctly, it’s also cheaper than 國語日報.