Where to go for a Friday night curry

Any suggestions for a Friday night curry washed down with a few beers? Anywhere in central Taipei.

Central Taipei? Kunmin, near the intersection of Fuxing and Nanjing. Have to take your own beer though. Food is reasonable and so are the prices.

I hear that Alleycat’s does curry pizzas right now and that they are very good but you should bring your own drinks.

Not sure what the alley name is, but off Shida road (I think 2 alleys past Grandma Nitties if you are coming from Roosvelt Rd way) is great little curry place called Curria.
There is another on the opposite side, go past Roxy Jr’s about a 3 minute walk, and it’s called Out of India, I think.
IMO, Curria was better though.

Had a thought, you didn’t say what kind of curry, the 2 places I mentioned above serve Indian curry.
In Gonguan, there is a restaurant that serves Japanese curry called Aubergines. It’s on the same block as the Subway there.
As for beer, I had beer with my meals at all 3 of the places.

Out of India, mentioned above, was recently opened by an old workmate of mine, and he gave me a namecard so here’s the details:

Out of India
Pucheng St , Lane 13, No. 26

The lane is more or less opposite the Watsons on Shida Rd I think.

I haven’t been there yet though, so don’t have any recommendaations.