Where to go for Snow in Jan/Feb

Anyone have suggestions on where to travel to, outside of Taiwan around end of Jan/start of Feb 2005? Somewhere close, and has snow, not too expensive :slight_smile: Only place I can think of is Japan somewhere… but think that’s a little pricey…

Sth Korea - established snow fields
China - opened up ski facilities considerably yet not as good as ROK

There’s a big ice festival in Sapporo. It’s usually at the beginning of Feb.

The South Koreans also celebrate the lunar new year. This time around it falls a bit late - February 9 - so as long as you complete the trip before then, S. Korea will be OK. Ditto for mainland China. I’m not really sure about Japan - anybody here know?

Next closest place after Korea-China-Japan is Alaska. Taipei-Anchorage is a six-hour flight on China Airlines. But no, not cheap.


“Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.”