Where to go when it rains in Taipei?

I am going to Taipei tomorrow for an appointment, but looks like it’s going to be freezing and raining. Is there anywhere to go in Taipei when it rains?

Aside from going to the shopping centers and departments I mean…

Ice skating at Taipei Arena
Taipei underground mall… Not a typical department store.
Eslite Bookstore

swimming in one of those nice indoor sports centers? Go see a movie in shimenting?

Go bowling?

go drive up to YMS and take in a hot spring (car needed tho).

For art and architecture, the Songshan Cultural Park has lots of interesting things going on in the various rooms, and it’s nice to walk under the eaves and look at the gardens: kidzone-tw.blogspot.tw/2012/08/s … -park.html (Even though it’s focused on kids, there are lots of ideas on my blog.)

If you have an hour to kill in Hsiny-Yi area, the Taipei Discovery Center isn’t too bad, and it’s free. discovery.taipei.gov.tw/web/ … k-1-3.html