Where to have a farewell party in Taipei


I am leaving soon and now it’s time to think where should I meet my friends for the last time in Taipei. I need to accommodate at least 20 people and probably it’s better to choose a relaxed place where you can go outside to have some fresh air and talk. And smoke… as some of the people smoke.
BBQ party isn’t an option as weather conditions are too unpredictable.

I was thinking about BeerGeek. Any better option?


Geek’s small so you’d want to do it on a week night.


We are all working class, so only Saturday is available :frowning:


You can rent part of fifi’s cafe upstairs with the balcony.


Thanks for advice! :slight_smile:


World Cup starts tomorrow but you could take the downstairs games room at On Tap


Almost any bar, cafe or restaurant is up for grabs. As others above me have mentioned, bars will definitely be booked for World Cup viewings. Picking a non sports bar…bar might be a good choice!

You could consider some of the restaurants at Maji Square. There’s a roof over you and stepping outside to smoke is not a far walk. Those that want to continue to partay can go to Triangle.


The Belgian Waffle Stop, 120+ belgian beers, covered outside seating for a few smokers. No World cup viewings. Snacks. casual.


Hi I checked but it closes at 9.30 pm on Saturday :frowning: too early


Do you mean the food court at Maji Square? I have seen food stalls there, but didn’t pay attention if there are any restaurants nearby


The area by Three Lions, closer to Ming Quan East Rd and Zhong Shan North Road entrance, has a few restaurants to choose from. The area closer to Yuanshan MRT are where the food stalls are.


We’ve done parties of this size at Bing Burger. They have pretty good food and great beer. There are no TVs. Small outdoor porch area.


Thank You, I will check it out then :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you for this advice! :slight_smile:


Not really, if there is a party it’ll stay open until 11:00 PM-ish, even a little later wouldn’t be a problem. Most people have to get their last MRT train anyways.


Gordon Biersch maybe