Where to have my XBox moded

I have just bought an xbox for my kids all under the age of 7 and my worries are that they would always either scrath/break and lose these NT$ 1K+ Xbox DVD disk.

Doing a little search on the net reveals that even if you can get your xbox dvd backup, you will need a modified xbox to play the backup disk.

My question:

  1. Where can I have my xbox dvd games backed-up? Do I just need this or is step 2 really necessary.
  2. Where can I have my Xbox moded so that at least, if I can’t back-up the xbox dvd disk to another dvd disk, I can back them up and play them from the hard drive.

BTW, I am staying in Taipei.

Thanks in advance!

There are some XBox dealers at Gunghua computer market. They even sell already modded boxes. I would say it is worth checking it out and see if they modify already purchased boxes. And I am not sure how the warranty issue is handeled either. If you have a soldering iron, I could also do this modification for you. Have done it before.