Where to learn chinese for a Month

my friend wants to learn Chinese while she went over to Taiwan for winter break
so we can kinda squeeze a month out of it

is there any place good for learning Chinese for a month?

Because i asked the one in NTNU, but they don’t have single month class in December.
and the people suggest TLI, but for my glance at their website… unless we are doing personal class or something, all classes are 3 month long

I don’t know much about learning Chinese in Taiwan
so can you please help me pick a place?

Thank you

Oh. by the way my friend is ABC, so she knows some Chinese already, her dad just wants her to improve more.
I think her Chinese is pretty good for an ABC
don’t know if this will help pick out a place. :slight_smile:

I think you can try

Also try the Mandarin Daily News Language Center


You can sign up for one month group classes at TLI. It’s 6000NT per month. They advertise 3 month “terms” and if you sign up for the whole term it’s a little cheaper (15,000 for 3 months).
…but you are welcome to join a class for one month. If your friend already knows some Chinese, she should have no problem jumping into a class that is already in progress.

By the way, I’ve taken classes at both Mandarin Daily and TLI and I have to say TLI is way better. I highly recommend them.