Where to learn chinese in Kaohsiung

Hi if anyone is in KHH or knows of any places to study Chinese there could you let me know please. Moving there in 7 weeks, so will naturally buy some papers and check out what they have down there when i get there, but if anyone can suggest any that would also be great. Thanks.

TLI has a branch in Kaohsiung…

                                              Address: TLI Kaohsiung Center 

2F No.507 Chung Shan 2nd Rd., Kaohsiung
Tel.: (886-7) 215-2965
Fax: (886-2) 251-2981
Email: tlika507@ms12.hinet.net

(The music on this page will probably change your mind about attending the school, however!!)

I’ve had fairly good experiences with TLI on the whole (in the Taipei centers) over the past 10 years. Don’t know about the Kaohsiung branch specifically. Check out their Web site and see what you think.


Thanks. I’ll also try to find something other than TLI, but at least its a start, thanks again.

Don’t go to TLI, the curriculum is shite, the tapes don’t even have the proper tones to correspond with the text conversations. You don’t even learn to introduce yourself until the 5th chapter! Try a university or something else, cuz TLI sucks! Even day-to-day stuff you need to know isn’t really addressed properly (like to ask where the bathroom is-trust me, your first few weeks of eating local food, you will need to know how to ask this). Again, explore other options!

I’ve been in KHH for 7+ years. TLI is the most stable and flexible option. Sun Yat Sen University has a program, but it is awkward to schedule. Some people ride the train (1 hour) to Tainan to go to the university there for classes.

All others – dubious. I have studied at TLI in KHH and they will try to work with you and your abilities. If you look for one on one, find an elementry school teacher as they really have the training and the phnology for a beginner.

Random language exchange is mostly a free English lesson with a confusing hodge-podge of Mandarin and Taiwanese phonologies.

Good luck

Yes i did study at TLI for a while and I can say i wasnt happy with it at all. Have been TRYING to find places in KHH to study and apart from the odd uni or two, not many options to say the truth. Looks like ill be getting some good self study material, and a big stick to hit myself with whenever I get lazy. Plus find a stable person to exchange with. Anyway will check out a bit more when i finally bail down there. Thanks for ur help guys.

Creztor, I am a student at Sun Yat-Sen University and I feel the program is very good here. It is a bit expensive (NT$25000 the first quarter, NT$19500 thereafter) but they teach the whole gamut from bo po mo fo the characters. The teachers are pretty good and there are some but not too many native english speakers , lots of japanese and korean students. So to make new friends you will find lots of opportunities to speak chinese, as many of the japanese and koreans don’t speak english vey well. I have been studying there for 1 year and the only thing is, they move pretty darn fast so you have to work to keep up. All in all it is very rewarding.


Can anyone tell me if there is any short intensive chinese courses offered in Kaohsiung?
I am looking at going over there for about 2-3 months to learn chinese.
I have a beginner to intermediate grasp of it so far but want to improve on it.


TLI has private classes for 380NT (I think) per hour. You can do as many hours a week as you want, at any time of the day, for as long as you want. Also, with just you and a teacher in the classroom, you can go as fast as you’re willing to go. It could work out a bit expensive though.

Hi Forum,

Soon I will move to Kaohsiung to live there together with my girlfriend. I wonder what is the best way to study mandarin. I know Wenzao, Sun-Ya-Tsen Uni and of course TLI. Anybody made some experiences at these places ?? Any more institutions I don’t know yet ?? I don’t worry about visa, as I will stay there on behalf on a JFRV. Wenzao would be my favourite, but I dislike there schedule of 2 times 18 weeks with a big gap in between. SYU looks far more smooth (regulary 12 weeks with 1 week break in between) …

I consider to study very hard for 2 years with no vacations in between. I want only to focus on studying chinese, won’t work during that time.
Would you think 2 years doing this is suffient enough to have then a good language ability even to work in a taiwanese company ?? Or still teaching english …

My english (as you can read) isn#T perfect, does it mean I maybe have a problem studying chinese. I mean I have to translate everything from german to english to mandarin and vise verse.
Any foreigner in here who aren’t a native english speaker and went through a similar procedure in the past (learning the language) ??

Thanx, Timo

There are 2 choices, Wenzao und Sun Yat-Sen University.
I am now living in Europe, so I can only rely on the internet informations.
Anybody in here attended their classes and can help me which one I should choose ??

3 terms (19+18+8 weeks long)
2 hours daily monday to friday
language institute for foreign languesges, so maybe easy to get a LE or even work there

Sun Yat-Sen
4 terms a 12 weeks
4 days each 3 hours
georgous location at the sea

Isn’t 3 hours / 4 days weekly not too intense ??

I am mostly focused on learning the language. Living-expenses are already covered, but
I won’t mind to give private lessons to make a little extra money

Please help me.
Your comments kindly appreciate
bye moti

I wanna study Chinese in Taiwan but I don’t want to stay in Taipei. :sunglasses:

Is there anyone who studied Chinese in National Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung and can provide me information about their advanced Chinese classes? are Teachers nice, how many people are in each class and so on. I want to study hard and learn to speak fluent Chinese, that’s my aim in 2007. Is the NSYSU environment good enough to reach my goal>

I think Kaohsiung would be a nice place to stay, but since I don’t know anything about it, I’m more likely to apply for the famous ShiDa in Taipei…

I think no one has posted anything about it before… or I’m too blind to see it
thanx thanx thanx for any help :smiley:

If you don’t want to live in Taipei, don’t do it. I’m sure the classes will be about the same in quality in Kaohsiung. Once you are going to classes, what is much more important is what you are doing outside of classes–i.e. getting out there and using your Mandarin by doing stuff that interests you. I’d definetly go for Kaohsiung if I were you.

Disclaimer: I studied at Shida, thought it was fine, and know nothing about the Kaohsiung program.

Have you considered Tainan? There’s a respectable university there (NCKU 成功大學) with a Mandarin Centre and the city itself is nicer than Kaohsiung, in my opinion. I haven’t taken Mandarin classes there (or anywhere else, for that matter) so I can’t comment on the quality of the teaching (like anywhere, I suppose there are good and bad teachers), but they do use the same coursebooks as Shi-Da.

Or how about Chinese Language Teaching Center(CLTC)of Tzu Chi University in Hualien? I’d be there in a second if I was studying Mandarin.

so, is there anything wrong about Kaohsiung or NSYSU? I simply don’t want to stay in Taipei because my friends will stay there and I don’t want to speak my native language while in Taiwan.

If you want to study Chinese in National Sun Yat-Sen University ,You can check this out.
In Taipei ,then you have more choices.Here are some of them.

You’ll end up speaking English, at least, probably no matter which school you end up in. There will be other foreign students.

Think carefully about how good your Chinese really is. You can go mental insisting that you speak only Chinese. It’s better IMO to live a happy life and learn Chinese than to force yourself to “go totally native” and be unhappy. If you are starting from zero Chinese, or very little, you might not want to impose those requirements on yourself.

I’ve heard that the Fo Guang program in Yilan has a language pledge.


I’ve never been there so I can’t comment on their classes.

ok, since no one knows anything about Kaohsiung, what about Fu Jen University in Hsinchuang? :smiley: