Where to learn Mandarin?

Yes, I’m thinking about starting a Mandarin course … so, what schools are recomended and which are hands-off?
My wife said that I should go learn Chinese somewhere instead of starting up a new business … or going to work somewhere, to be honest, right now I’m bored to death.

Are you looking for one of the university language centers? They are usually 10 - 15 hours a week. You choose your level and they put you in a class with other students at that same level. The classes are usually mornings or afternoons.

If you are looking for private classes, you can search for TLI.

What do you mean by hands-off?


What do you mean by hands-off?[/quote]

The really bad ones.

They’re all essentially the same. Pick your price and your location, and be proactive as a consumer. That’s about it.