Where to learn plumbing, woodworks, etc?

As per title. I come from a long line of handymen but being a woman they did not teach me all in seriousness or depth. I can do most basic repairs but I need to go further. Now, I have inquired in a couple of bushibans but seems this kind of knowledge is obtained at vocational schools. Any suggestions?

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Taipei city vocational development institute has a 800hr course which includes plumbing. Their homepage seems saying ARC holders can apply.

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Is that ‘Taiwanese plumbing’?

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Ol country style:


Ain’t complaining.

Maybe B&Q has classes/seminars? I know Home Depot (B&Q ripoff, even with the orange square theme) in the States has them. Just a thought.

B&Q left Taiwan in 2015. Now it’s just 特力屋.

They have a 18hr DIY course.

Rats, they started already.

How about woodwork? The cats have defiled a lot of furniture. I also would like to be able to buld their furniture on my own, it is really expensive. A nice bed for Bobby would be nice.

There are a lot of really good instructional videos on Youtube. Just buy some tools and wood and learn as you go. But be careful not to saw your fingers off.

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Or anyone’s head…the kittens like to inspect repairs. One climbed all over the Chunghwa guy when he came to fix up my line.

You will find a lot of cources or classes for woodwork 木工教學 by Google search.

List of woodwork classes in north taiwan

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This is a nice post. I have been wondering the same thing myself. Thank you for posting.

Muchas gracias!