Where to live in Taipei -- Da'an or Xinyi

Hello all!

See if you can hep me! I have been offered two apartments. One apartment is located far west Da’an, specifically near the Guting MRT but north of Heping East Road. The other apartment is located far east Xinyi, specifically near Yucheng Park and closest to Houshanpi MRT. My question is, given the specific locations of these apartments which area do you think would be a better place to live? I know both Xinyi and Da’an are good places to live, but the locations of these apartments are not exactly central to those neighborhoods but rather closer to their respective borders!

For context: I am young (early 20s) and in both places the cost of rent is the same (~12000/month) and I will be with roommates. I like to go out to bars, eat food, and feel like I am a part of the city. My main concern is being in a fun and interesting part of town! Thank you!!!

Have you spent any time in the respective neighborhoods? Are there places in Taipei you like hanging out? I’d recommend making a decision based on a combination of a) which area you prefer and b) which MRT makes it easier for you to get to the areas you enjoy.

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No I have never been to either area, or anywhere in Taipei/Taiwan for that matter. Any insight would be very helpful. I am moving for a new job in 1 month.

Well, your Xinyi option is not in the heart of the action but it will be very easy for you to use the Blue Line to get to the Xinyi Shopping District and the Zhongxiao East/Dunhua South area. There are lots of restaurants, bars, clubs/lounges, and shops in these places.

I haven’t spent as much time in the Guting area, but there you’d be close to NTU and the Gongguan area, which also has restaurants, bars, a night market, etc. I think this area will be a bit younger because of the university, so that might be a plus for you.


Houshanpi is out on the blue line, closer to the outskirts of the city. I’ve literally never been to that station in Taipei, the furthest I’ve gone on the MRT is yongchun. Guting area is much more central. IME the guting/Taipower/gongguan area also has many more young people (including foreigners) due to universities, schools, language programs etc. around there. If this is your first time to Taiwan I personally would recommend that over being out in houshanpi. :2cents:

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Thank you!

Depends on what you’re after. Guting has younger people, more bohemian. Xinyi is newer, more commercial, high-end.

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daan wont be a good long term investment, but if its a temp thing it is very nice. i like being there more than xinyi. but just from the mrt above ground infrastructure alone, the towns days are numbered financially.

The area you mention in Xinyi, is kind of more outside of central Xinyi, closer to Nangang lifestyle, businesses. Not many people visit that area, if ever. Not quick easy access to most places other than Cityhall, Songshan, Nangang.

Guting, lots of people visit frequently especially students, and some clubs. And very easy quick access to many places and people. Lots of chances to see more things, and meet or bump into people and stuff.

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