Where to live next?

Ok, I’m from Vancouver, so I already knew that it’s a great place to live (though I prefer Montreal in many ways). I don’t know how this survey was conducted, but it definitely favours Canada, Australia, Austria, and Switzerland.

But where would you rather live? Any recommendations for where to live next?

[quote=“The London Independent”] London? Paris? New York? No, Vancouver is the best place in the world to live, says new survey

The university has a nudist beach. Whistler mountain ski resort is a quick drive from downtown. The climate is mild in winter and sunny in summer. Just some of the reasons why Vancouver has been nominated as the world’s most liveable city, beating Melbourne into second place and leaving London far behind at 47th.

Vancouver eclipsed 127 other cities in a new survey which looked at a wide range of criteria, including personal risk, healthcare, the availability of goods and services, and climate. But this is not the first time the City of Glass, so-called because of its mirror-fronted skyscrappers, has received outside recognition. Vancouver has topped the United Nations quality of life survey for nearly a decade.


I’d choose Perth or Sydney. Sydney would probably be better unless isolation from the rest of a country is what you’re after.

Living in Vienna would be cool too. I’m considering Australia as the next place for me.

It’s pretty hard to argue with living in Vancouver. I have been there often and love the city.


Living in Vienna would be cool too. [/quote]

Vienna is an interesting city. The architecture is amazing and the city is pretty cool, however I felt most the people were pretty standoffish, even though I was fairly fluent in German when I went there. If I were to live in Austria, I’d prefer to live in Innsbruck or Salzburg before Vienna.

I should have also said that my significant other is a Taiwanese woman who doesn’t want to leave Taiwan. I’ve suggested that we find somewhere halfway between Canada and Taiwan… say… Italy. :slight_smile: I don’t speak Italian. Neither does she. Neither of us has ever been there. But why not? It’s an adventure. I’m just wondering what odd or interesting corners of the globe people would like to find themselves in.

sigh, my wife is Taiwanese as well and said she can live everywhee in the world.

She forgot to mention a side-condition:

… as long as it is within a 150 meter distance of her mum’s sofa.

[quote=“bob_honest”]sigh, my wife is Taiwanese as well and said she can live everywhee in the world.

She forgot to mention a side-condition:

… as long as it is within a 150 meter distance of her mum’s sofa.
Well, someone needs to bail her out of the hairdresser’s, right?
Yeah, my gal figures that she can handle leaving for extended periods, so long as I make enough to afford regular visits back to Taiwan. Unfortunately, I have little interest in making a lot of loot. I’m with Erasmus: “When I get a little money, I buy books. If there’s anything left over, I buy food and clothes.”

Southern coast, Costa Brava, of Spain. Specifically - about 6 klms west of Motril.
The town should be wired for high-speed internet by years end.
Mrs Cowboy has her doubts, the little Cowboy is ready to go (he likes the sound of Espanol).

Other than Toronto most of these cities are whitebread communities and all the bottom end are a little darker. :s

Phnom Penh was an “interesting” city 15 years ago. It helps to be heavily armed while you are there.

I have been wondering about Thailand. Has anyone spent a year or more there? Could you share a little about your experience :slight_smile: ? Is it difficult to get a job outside of Bangkok? I would be more interested in a beach area that I could dive and do other outdoor activites.

It will sweep you off your feet! That is one city I will truly never tire of.

The only city worth living in today is Tokyo. Just get on the Yamonote Line and ride ride ride. Paradise in Japanese these days.

Perth!!! Lovely looking place but once you have done a wine trip and been attacked by a shark there is little left to do. Sydney however… lovely.

Haaa, Italy … Spain … food in Italy is better tho … although Tapas time in Spain is wonderfull …
Italians are so nonchalant and stylish … Spaniards are manana … tomorrow … easy going

For me it would be Italy … hell why not the Philippines :smiley:

There is one more thing to do in Perth: SWEAT!

My friends remarked - not wishing to start an argument here - that people in Perth are a socially isolated group. Getting dressed up in Perth means wearing shoes and a t-shirt. Or so I heard…

Kyoto is better than Tokyo for my money. As is Nara…

Too many flies in Perth, and even Sydney, for me. I’d pick Melbourne over either myself.

Vancouver is halfway between taiwan and Canada since half the population is asian.

It will sweep you off your feet! That is one city I will truly never tire of…Kyoto is better than Tokyo for my money. As is Nara…[/quote]

Good choices. Never been to nicer cities than these 2 (note I say cities). There’s so much greenery and so many tranquil places to go, it’s almost like being in the country. Of course, there is nightlife and every western desire, too, if that’s what you’re after.

The only thing is the price…Kyoto seemed even more expensive than Osaka to me, except for accommodation.

Vancouver child here. While I agree Vancouver is totally liveable, I wonder if it is the best place to live.

I would describe Vancouver as the smallest big city, or the biggest small city. The city is a mix of all ethnicities with their own neighborhoods where each can keep their ethnic and cultural identities. In that respect, that’s why the US is always described as a melting pot while Canada is described as being multi-cultural.

I can walk down Denman Street and have authentic Japanese food for lunch, Greek for dinner, a cup of organic coffee on a patio, then some gelato while chilling at Stanley Park. I can walk by an ESL school full of Korean students, or buy my smokes at a Chinese-run corner store. I get my banh mi at a Vietnamese deli. If I want some pizza I call up an Iraqi-owned pizza place. I want to to KTV? Head to Richmond to the one of many HK-owned karaoke bars. Want authentic Indian food? Head to the Original Tandoori King in the Punjabi Market neighborhood. All these are within a 20 minute drive of each other.

I love this city.

You’re from Vancouver, too? How many of us are there on Forumosa?

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the city. I’ve always thought of it as a place where anything can happen, anything…but never does. :s