Where to meet a Japanese girl in Taiwan?

I need to practise my Japanese. Not likely to give my essence and life force to her. Seriously.

Cave village, 2nd cave to the left with the bonsai tree outside.

When the Japanese girls are ready, they will appear.

More likely to find them at your local McDonald’s than a cave.

May the life force be with you. :bow:

There plenty on Youporn.

Just turn Japanese


why a girl? I thought you want to save your life powers, maybe better find a guy to practice?

Best Japanese girl in the world:

I think I can use HER as a makura :stuck_out_tongue:

Just walk in the tall grass until a wild Japanese girl appears. Make sure to bring a lot of pokeballs.

Maybe he’s gay and would be leadeth unto temptation.

Hahaha awesome one!

Go to a language center, srsly, thai and jp people come to study chinese.

is there a japanese cultural center in taipei?

Hahaha awesome one!

Go to a language center, srsly, thai and jp people come to study chinese.[/quote]

Absolutely. And if you’re in Taipei, just go to the MTC (Shi-Da), there is a study room on the 7th floor. It’s packed with Japanese girls studying Chinese during the day (and who have plenty of time).


Try Yongkang Jie area, crawling with Nipponettes.

I’ll alert my colleague to your post. Not because I hate her, but because she has a sense of humor about such things. And yes, I will be sure to alert her to your other posts. Amitofo.


Try Yongkang Jie area, crawling with Nipponettes.[/quote]

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