Where to put my dogs?

Now this is embarrassing. I once had a dog rescue org here with some Taiwan ladies and wife myself. The website is still out there and we saved quite a few stray dogs. The org does not exist anymore when wife and I got our son and more responsibility in our job, but we ended up with adopting dogs ourselves. Now we are having two dogs left, one had died some time ago. The problem started when we got our son, we moved to Taipei so mother in law can take care of Junior while wife and I work. We found a good place for our dogs, one of the private shelters we worked with accepted our dogs in a lovely environment (natural pack life) against a monthly fee. The dogs were happy, we visited them, had son and jobs, everything was fine.

Now the problem occured. The lady seemingly found out we had no intention of getting the dogs adopted and have no idea where to put them besides her place. So she tripled the fee. We paid. Other dog saving places had much worse conditions so we did not have much choice. Now at midnight we got another SMS, she threatens to double or triple the price again. She gives the reason of not wanting private dogs but only strays. Well, I do not want to question her motives here, but we cannot pay that much, although that selfless dog saving lady is now on a increase-price trip. She may have her reasons, no doubt.

So… wife and I are thinking what to do. Does anybody know a good place to have the dogs kept in good conditions for a monthly fee? We are even open to having the dogs adopted now, though it breaks our heart.
We are talking a seven year old Husky male, not neutered yet (but can be done) and a 9 or 10 year old female lab.

Where is the long-face icon? I am really in a bad mood now…

Well, I can very much understand where that lady is coming from; we generally charge NT$6,000 per rescued stray per month and no less because we want the person responsible to work hard to find the dog a great home. We love all our dogs and provide a great environment, but we also want them all to have a loving family of their own.

We may have space at The Sanctuary after spring break. Send me a PM to discuss discounted rates for fellow rescuers. But do understand that we would expect you to help us find them a great new home if you don’t intend to make them part of your own family again.

Dogs are now in Switzerland, they are living in a mountain Chalet with a gentleman whom I know personally - wife and I had visited him there. He is what I would like to call the Jesus of dog saving, an enthusiast living literally in a pack with his dogs, which are all former strays or others rescues. He will make sure the dogs finally get good homes in CH. He is even updating wife and me with videos and I have to say I never saw my dogs so happy. Lucky bastards, I would give a lot to live like that right now.
Good for them, especially after the free-pack-life dog shelter here in Taiwan finally transformed into a kennel based shelter. So yes, the lady running that Taiwan shelter was right to force us (via money) to finally get the dogs adopted.
Originally we wanted to buy a weekend house for the dogs and have someone feed them, but real estate prices soaring prevented that.

Sad ending for us, happy ending for the dogs.

And thank you again for the posting respective PM offering of Ex Animo and another 'mosan. Would have been a good possibility but the Chalet thingy turned out to be the best for the dogs.
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