Where to stay and what to do in Taipei for 48 hrs

We will be having a 48 hr layover in Taipei in early April. Really appreciate any advice on a decent budget hotel ( less than $40double…that possible?) and places to visit within the time frame.

If you really wanted to see Taipei, you should def. stay in Taipei City, not by the airport.

What are you into?? Cultural stuff? Artistic stuff?? There are tons of musuems and galaries to visit while you are here. There are always shopping malls and centers so you can experiences some of the culture this way. At night you can always do night markets, which is tons of fun…

but where will you be staying? Anyone knows any good, cheap hotel in the heart of Taipei City?

Hmmm, a friend of mine was here for 4 days…at night, Snake Alley (Hua Xi Jie), the weekend jade market is cool…Lung Shan Temple. I hear that the Palace Museum is not as good as it used to be, but still worth a visit. Shi Men Tin if you are in to people watching…hmmm…don’t get to civilization much any more, but those are the places my buddy went and he seemed pretty happy with them.

I know a pretty cheap place, not too bad and it’s clean and safe. it costs about 1200NT for a ‘double room’ which would be roughly $36 US. It’s near Chiang Kai Shek Memorial MRT station (you get to HsiMen - XiMenTing really easy from here), so really really convenient… about a 5 minute walk across the street to it. My boyfriend stayed for 4-5 nights and the place is a nice crash pad, the people that stay there are usually some tourists (respectable and not shady ones) and 20-30 year old “young people” some ABCs, etc.

I actually still have the number from when my boyfriend came last year and we stayed there – 020 8601 0314 I THINK. It’s a Jiao Shou Bing Guan or something…sorry I completely don’t remember the name other than it’s related to something to do with “teachers” and “professors”

From the airport you can take the airport bus to the Far Eastern Hotel and take a cab from there …it basically goes straight down Heping East Road.

48 hours isnt much so…

If you are in this area you get some good things to start off with-- you can go to Tung Hwa Night Market near Far Eastern Hotel, you get Yong Kang Street with the famous “Din Tai Feng” with the shao long bao, Ice Monster with it’s Mango (I think strawberries now) Icy, or you can go the other way and go to Shi Da University with tons of food as well, for cheap. It’s also really convenient to get to Dong Qu with SOGO and Breeze Center, and “Cha Jie (tea alley)” right behind California gym on Chunghsiao Tunghwa which is very popular for young people.

A ONE day trip to kind of leave the immediate city you can always head over to Tamshui on the MRT…there are tons of night markets and places to go to, depending on what you’re into. Daytime activities are made for museums or 9fen (you can do 9fen in one day easy), maybe Keelung…