Where to study?


I’ve got a scholarship to study for 6 weeks in Taiwan this summer, but the question is now, where to apply to Uni? I’m torn between Tainan and Taipai. But maybe someone could offer other options? I’m a beach bum, and would love to be near the surf. I heard Tainan is the nearest I can be to a beach whilst studying. But also heard the nightlife in Tainan is non-existent, and I need my clubs!! The nightlife in Taipei looks awesome but it’s further from the coach… what to do?!

Anyone with any suggestions, it’d be much appreciated!

I don’t know anything about their language program, but if you like the beach that much, you might want to consider Sun Yat Sen University in Kaohsiung. It’s right next to the beach… And the nightlife in Kaohsiung might also prove a little more diverse than in Tainan.

Why not live in Taichung? It is only 2 hours away from both Tainan and Taipei. You could do your study in Taichung daytime, leave straight away after class to Taipei or Tainan so you choose. There are some pretty good universities here and we’ve got the best weather in Taiwan, too.

I’m just joking. Don’t take me seriously.

I love the beach too but it’s much more expensive to come visist Taipei for the weekend then to go to the beach for the weekend. Irecomend that you study in Taipei… That way you have a place here and then some weekends you go camping at the beach and others you can stick around Taipei. Plus you can always go up to the river during the week and get you fill of the water till the weekend hits.

hi there~ I live in Taipei and I’m a Taiwanese~ If you used to living in a convenient place before, Taipei could be the best choice. A lot of night markets and pubs~ I think there are more foreigners staying here. And if you are looking for a university for studying~ You can look up it from this website: tcsl.ntnu.edu.tw/atcsl/websites.htm There are all universities that you can study Chinese~“CCLC” is the best and most famous one here in taiwan. Go ahead to find one~A lot of foriengers study Chinese there. :slight_smile: And if you really love beach…There are always beaches in north Taiwan–Taipei~ And Taiwan is quite a small country~ You can always go to any beaches or travel around here~My foreign teacher is a best example~ It’s quite easy to live here. I don’t know other places, but I bet you’ll love Taipei!

Just my little opinion~Hope it’s helpful~ :sunglasses:

First off, 6 weeks study won

So…How’s Linhai0102’s decision…? :loco: