Where to take a client

I am supposed to show a client Taipei tomorrow, where is the best place to go? The client is from Germany and doesn’t have much time to spend for sightseeing. We only have 4 hours from 10 AM to 2 PM. Where do you think it’s the best place to take her if the weather is good? And where should we go if it rains? I am thinking about Danshui if the weather is good and National Palace Museum if it rains. Any other suggestions?

Danshui is not worth the trek. You could go to a temple such as Bao-an or Longshan, Taipei 101, and then get drunk on Taiwan Beer in 2-28 Park.

National Place Museum and/or CKS Memorial Hall.

The blue tit, aka, CKS Memorial Hall, is a must. The outdoor deck at Carnegies, or the Italian Job, for lunch.


Thank you for your suggestions!