Where was everybody last night?

I left Taipei 3 years ago to work in Shanghai… Yesterday (Thursday Sep 30th) I came back to Taipei on a business trip, and really wanted a big night out!!!

So, I went looking around to my old haunts, and some new ones… Plush, 101, Club18, Carnegies, Saint’n’Sinners, Julianas, DJ Station, TU, B1, Vibe

Nada, zip, nowt … WTF … after trying 10 places, and paying 500 for a can-of-heineken in DJ Station (and noone offered me any of the real stuff all the locals there were consuming — damn) … I figured that Taipei just ain’t a happening place… I started having flashbacks of why I wanted to get out of here so much and move to Shanghai.

So where was everyone last night? Where should I have gone?
And where should I go tonight if I want to score (in both senses of the word?) :wink: :wink:

Hard for me to believe Carnegies wasn’t happening last night. You might wanna try Luxy. It seems to be the current hotspot now in Taipei.

There were about 5 people sitting on the veranda at Carnegies … maybe I got there too late, around 1am.

I will try Luxy tonight … thanks for the tip

Thursday is typically Brass Monkey night. Fushing North Road across from the MRT station at Nanjing.