Where was my post moved to?

i don’t care if local readers like what i said about their musicians are not. i wrote a legit critique. i also said that there are TW musicians that i like. i can understand my legal column post being moved to flounder because we got off topic. but my posts about jazz being removed is uncalled for, unless… forumosa’s getting pressure perhaps??? what’s up?
i don’t care to post on this topic(TW record industry again). i have promised so and i’m a man of my word. but taking me out completely seems wierd. floundering is understandable.

I’m pretty sure the taiwanese mob/record industry spotted your post and were trembling from being exposed as the controlling dictators that they are. Instructions went down the line quickly till they got to gus and maoman and action was swiftly taken to purge the record of all truth revealed by rantheman. The ironfist strikes again!

What? No Hulk?

I miss that one.


You mean this one?