Where was Rod Langway born?

I’m pretty sure you guys have probably covered this topic in years past but I’m too drunk and tired to be bothered to look so I thought it was worth a proper thread.

For those of you who grew up in Canada or were fans of hockey in the 80s, you’ll remember a wonderfully stellar defenceman for the Washington Capitals named Rod Langway.

For those who ever owned a Rod Langway hockey card and cared to look, it noted that he was born in Maag, Formosa.

My question is: where the hell is Maag? and is there an appropiate museum dedicated to one of the NHL’s greatest stay-at-home defencemen there?


If you google MAAG it says Military Assistance Advisory Group and they were based in Hsinchu.

Ah, well. Now that would have been easy. I didn’t even think Maag might have been an acronym. Thanks. That one has been bugging me for a few years.