Where would you post searching for programmers in Taichung?

I’m interested in partnering up with one or two experienced LAMP programmers…

I’m not sure where to post an advert that Taiwanese will see.


In the meantime perhaps you could enlighten us about what LAMP is.

[color=#0000FF]L[/color]inux for the Operating System. It is OPEN SOURCE, and therefore completely FREE for ANYONE to use; vs Microsoft
[color=#0000FF]A[/color]pache for the webserver. It is completely FREE for ANYONE to use; vs Microsoft
[color=#0000FF]M[/color]ySQL for the database. It is completely FREE for ANYONE to use; vs Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase
[color=#0000FF]P[/color]HP for the web programming. It is completely FREE for ANYONE to use; vs Microsoft

[color=#FF0000]Freeware [/color]is not the same as OPEN SOURCE. Open source software is now widely adopted by large companies.

The value of LAMP is that we can develop applications for a company and the company only needs to pay for the development of the application, as well as the maintenance of the application and server. There are no other costs.

Open source seems to be gaining in popularity in Taiwan. I took a class called Open Source Software for Learning at my university (NCU) last semester.

I think that Ubuntu provides a pretty good way to set up a LAMP server. Without much knowledge of Linux at the time, I was able to set up a server of my own. My classmates were asking how it was possible to interact with a system that didn’t have a GUI, but I think it’s not hard. It only took about 15 minutes to set it up. And they don’t realize that if they wanted to, they could also run LAMP with a GUI with Ubuntu. Or many other distributions. And they could customize them to their own needs.

While I don’t know any programmers directly who could help you out, there is a Ubuntu Taiwan group. Their website seems active (wiki.ubuntu.com/BlueT). He can I mentioned this thread to him and he said it would be great if I mentioned him and the Ubuntu Taiwan group here. I always chat with him by MSN, because it’s most convenient.

What I mean to say is that if you’re looking for LAMP programmers, you could try the open source Ubuntu Taiwan group. If you have difficulties with the Chinese, maybe you could speak directly to the leader of the group. PM me if you have any problems contacting the group or the leader/organizer.