Where would you rather be?

Where would you rather be?

  • Paris
  • Machu Pichu
  • Ibiza
  • Tahiti
  • Las Vegas
  • Reykjavik
  • Here
  • Other–where?

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Well, I’d rather be somewhere else, as the buddhist monk upstairs starts beating his gong at 5 AM.

Oh, you meant another country? A south Pacific island would suit me fine. :wink: :wink:

Cote D’Azur. On a yacht.

I’d give my left eye ball to be in Tokyo right now.

No wait, I leaving in 3 weeks…

Never mind.

Always have wanted to go to Iceland. Not too hot; not too cold. Or maybe a nice little chalet in Switzerland…

Thailand! :laughing:

MELBOURNE CRICKET GROUND, on Saturday. Distant 2nd, gotta be on the dam bank at the farm back home, yabbying, swimming, drinking cans and telling lies with the mates. :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind just tagging along with Amos…

Christchurch, New Zealand

Actually, today I think I would prefer to be in Vegas, but tomorrow I’ll change my mind.

thailand? yes!

meadowlands racetrack, nj, second by a length.

Mountains of Idaho camping with my brother, or Austin, Texas, chowing down on a large plate of enchiladas, washed down with three or four ice cold Negra Modelas.

I’d rather be omnipresent!

Judging from the number of your posts on segue, I’d say you’re halfway there already.

“Morning to one and all from a gloriously sunny Newlands (Cape Town) for this
the second Test between South Africa and Pakistan
News from the middle is that South Africa has won the toss and have
elected to bat…”

Watching the cricket while eating a sandwich made of left-over corned beef and pickled beetroot.

Alleycat, please have a Castle at Newlands for me. It is the most beautiful cricket ground.

I wish I could Mark, I wish I could.

I’m in Wugu. Oh what path has this fickle hand of fate led me down? :frowning:

Skiing at Mt. Bachelor, Bend Oregon. Staying in Sunriver, in a nice home, owned by someone who has enough money to own a summer vacation home, a winter vacation home and the home they live in… with a hot tub, sauna, and a deck looking out over the snowy fields, (which can be rented for less that $150 bucks a night) as I sit by the roaring fire, drinking a glass of bubbly, gazing out the window watching a little black tail deer running by…


Cloudbase! :laughing:

I’d rather be on a small delightful island in Greece, turquoise sea, white sand, beautiful babes topless, eating some spanokapita and drinking some good Greek suds, olives on the side, and just walk slowly into the ocean and forget these winter blues away …

…" dreamin’ on a jet plane…"