Where you live can kill you

In the USA where you live has such a tremendous effect on your personal and your family’s safety.

I was driving through the Berkeley HIlls yesterday and there are such beautiful homes there. Incredibly nice neighborhood. Homes there are in the millions of dollars.

And then just a short distance away is Oakland, where everyday and night there are murders happening. A great many of them never get solved.

This is just one of today’s incidents.

Gunman gun down a mother with her young child in tow. Now is this a crazed world or what? Its a near miracle the child was not shot dead too, as often happens.

In Taiwan, if you are rich you live in a nicer neighborhood and if you are poor an older one, but one is not less safe then the other.

But low rent districts in the USA harbor criminal gangs involved in drugs and other illicit operations and the hatred runs deep. There’s also rampant poverty where people use crime to supplement income the govt gives to assist. Its a sad sad situation.

sfgate.com/crime/article/Wom … 461957.php

Life expectancy in richer boroughs of London and the rural southeast of England is up to 13.5 years higher than in some cities in northern England and Scotland. There’s a ten year difference in life expectancy between where I was born and the borough next to mine. Housing, food, crime, education, access to healthcare, lots of factors.

This is something I noticed soon after arriving in Taiwan, and it still fascinates me. You’ll have a lawyer or doctor living in a lovely modern house not 50m from a penniless illiterate old person who piles recyclables outside their leaking hovel. One reason, I guess, is that people here don’t seem to worry too much about what’s outside the walls of their house so long as the inside is nice. Doesn’t matter if the sidewalk is cracked and spattered with dog crap so long as you’re comfortable indoors. Also, convenience is king. People want to live in the inner city.

My analysis is that it’s because A: population density; B: housing prices are so inflated that Joe Average’s ugly concrete living unit from 1990 is now in the price range reserved for high ranking IT managers, so they end up living next to one another. But basically Taipei is too small for clearly defined neighborhoods and the idea of community is more about your apartment complex than your area.

It was like that but you can see people increasingly live in gated apartment complexes. Actually that’s very common in Asia. In maximum city Mumbai you can have a billionaire living beside slums. However you are right that there is still not much demarcation between good and bad neighbourhoods, which is interesting. Now one might say because there is no such thing as a neighbourhood in Taiwan in a lot of ways, just a bunch of people living close to and on top of each other.

land of the free right? everyone can do what they want…