Where's a good place to buy tickets

Hi guys…I am currently in the states and wanting to buy a ticket to ROC ASAP…usually you want to buy like a month before your depature but is there a place that I can purchase last minute tickets and not pay that much? I dont’ care about domestic filights but I would like EVA air to ROC…It will be a one way ticket I wonder how much it is usually if I buy it in a reasonable of time…I have always bought round trip…well thanks guy for ur help in advance

If there is a rather large book store in your area try to pick up an LA Times Newspaper. There are tons of travel agents that can probably get you a better fare. Or better yet if you can reach Chinese get one of there Chinese Newspapers will probably be more information in those.

Thanks G…umm I guess it doesn’t matter which state you live at you can always get tix from LA or any other state? it’s just maybe they need to mail you the tix and if you want to refund it will be a little troublesome? also for open tix are they more expensive or something


I’m in the same situation, here’s what I did (might be too late but might be helpful for others).

I first checked with my local travel agents in Minnesota, trying to fly EVA delux (LAX-TPE) from MSP to TPE via LAX, the rates are $1180. My family used to live in Houston, TX and bought tickets from a local Asian travel agent, so I called them and asked if they can issue tickets from any point in USA, and the answer is YES, so with the exactly the same flight and connection I got the rate of $850, that’s EVA delux on the transpacific sectors, this is about the rates you’ll find on Orbitz flying economy on United, one reason I avoid online sites now.

This is due to those agents dealing a lot of tickets to Asia, thus getting really good rates from the airline(s). If you want EVA delux, I’d recommend book at least 2 months ahead to get good rates, it’s really popular and some flights in April are already full in delux. FYI, here’s the info on the travel agent:

Summit Travel
9252A Bellaire Blvd
Houston, Texas
tel: 713-271-8888
fax: 713-270-8888

You can give them CC number over the phone, they’ll fax you authorization and you fill address and signature, they’ll then mail you the ticket.

My friend in Chicago was able to get a round trip ticket from Chicago to
Taiwan off some website. (I will try to contact him now and put the
info here on the board if/when he replies).

You tell them when you want to go and have to be a little flexible on the
exact dates. Then they tell you the lowest cost flights available. You
have one hour to decide and pay for the flight by credit card. I thought
the price of US$670 was great for a round-trip ticket as the cheapest
one I found in Taiwan was about US$1,200 from EZ Travel. It is a
Taiwanese travel service where everyone only seems to speak Chinese.

If I get more info, I will post it.

I’m really interested in this info.